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I was running to work, thinking ahead to this year’s Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon – Sheffield (Sheffield Half Marathon) and suddenly recalled one of the weirdest things ever to happen to me as a result of my running.  Blew my mind it did – and still does.

I ran the 2008 race (I think that was the one, might have been 2007) and had a thoroughly good time as always*.  A couple of days later, I was walking through town, past the City Library, when an elderly gentleman starting calling to me.  Beckoned me toward him.  Kept saying he recognised me.  Odd to say the least.

2007 with my mates, post run.

2007 with my mates, post run.  That’s me in the middle…

I had no idea who he was, really hadn’t a clue – but he was very sure he knew who I was.  I felt a little awkward as he continued to explain that he’d been watching the half marathon come through the city centre and had recognised me walking past, despite being dressed in a completely different outfit and not running.  From quite a distance he’d shouted me over, so I began to think he must be very much mistaken, yet since I’m so polite – I humoured him.

Then he told me he had a photograph of me, among several he’d taken on the day, developed already and in his hand!  No kidding, he had already developed them and was fishing through them as I began to feel all the more awkward.

But to my surprise (and horror) he fishes out a picture of me running.  We’re in almost exactly the same spot, near the Millennium Garden (which was the route back then) and he’s picked me out from 50 meters in a complete change of clothes – and has pics of me in his hand, despite thousands of runners having been through that area on the day.

I thanked him enormously (grateful that I was alive and I was free to go) and walked away, clutching my disturbing pictures (that he’d let me keep).

Sadly, I can’t remember where I put them – but if I find them, I’ll put them here for all to see.  Frrrrrrreaky!

*struggling with the will to live.

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