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WORLD OF WEIRD (WOW): Part One – Bagz of craziness.


There are so many odd moments I could mention.  Crazy things that happened during a run.  Things I’ve seen.  Things that have occurred to me mid-run.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this.  So I’ve started this new feature, that I might occasionally share these incidents with the rest of you.  Just for a bit of fun.  If in reaction – you care to share some of your similar experiences, that’d be great.  I’m sure it’s not just me who receives moronic heckles or invents something genius while out and about (only to recognise the fundamental floors soon after).

Some of my favourite memories come from these chance encounters.  For example, once – while running alongside Damflask Reservoir, I was ‘joined’ by about 5 Squirrels all running beside me.  I think they were making a clumsy job of running away in a panic, but for few strides it was as if I was the BEASTMASTER!  One time, I went out up Rivelin Valley at night with headtorch on and found that the river was flashing red, just beneath one of the weirs.  I started to scan the water for signs of fallen cyclists, or submerged runners.  Then I looked up and caught sight of eyes reflecting my light back at me through the trees.  Done!  Too freaky.  Probably just a discarded/dropped bike light, but enough to give me the heebie-jeebies.  So I left the woods and ran home along the road.

Here goes for today:

This morning while walking the dog, I saw a fella step from his bus and launch straight into a run.  He ran off along my road, so after having noted that his bag appeared to be swinging so wildly from side to side, I concluded to myself that he’d do well to invest in a proper running pack and make like easier for himself.  He also needed a new pair of shoes, but that’s a different story.  Anyway, I focused on the dog for a short while, before looking ahead in time to see the same guy returning from the middle of the road, pack in hand – stooping here and there to pick up the contents of his bag, now scattered across the street.

I can only assume that the violent shaking combined with the design of his bag had caused it to open and throw up its contents with some real zeal.



Later, as I ran to work – I passed a Magpie on a grass verge, roadside and I’m almost positive that it barked at me.


Nobody else was there to hear it.  But it happened.

I’ll be back with more just as soon as something strange occurs.  Shouldn’t be long….

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