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Body fat and sport

Almost everyone wants to be lean, have a 6 pack or at least some abs visible and plenty of muscle. Some athletes will religiously weigh themselves to make sure they haven’t gained or lost weight but do you know what’s going on inside? The answer, is probably NO! The scales only say so much, they can’t tell you what you body fat actually is or what your muscle mass. Body fat does affect your performance but it’s important to know what your muscle mass is too. The more muscle mass you have, the better for sport.

How can you find out what your body fat is then? Well, there are a few options but the most common are callipers and body fat scales or scanners. Callipers work by basically pinching the skin and calculating how much is fat and much is muscle. Not pleasant for anyone of any size but particularly not pleasant for people who maybe are looking to lose some weight.

Body fat scales vary in accuracy but it’s important to remember they don’t actually measure body fat percentage, they measure body density. They predict your body fat percentage as opposed to measuring it accurately. That said, they will show any changes in your body composition, just not as accurately.

The latest way of measuring body fat is with the Bodymetrix scanner which we have at the clinic. It’s 96% accurate and measures body fat, muscle mass and water percentages through ultrasound waves. These bounce back at different rates depending on whether it hits fat, muscle or bone. The scanner can also show you what’s going on underneath the skin too. It can show where fat and muscle are.


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If you would like to find out more, drop Hannah an email to or call her on 07912 556470. Bodymetrix scans are available from Hannah at the performance centre

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