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Fasting and running

Did you know you can run and fast? Fasting has huge benefits to health as well as being great for weight loss. Fasting has been shown to help reduce the risk of:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • certain cancers
  • some digestive disorders

It is still possible to fast and train though to begin with you might want to have a fasting day on a non training day. After a few weeks, you will be able to train on a fast day as your body gets used to it. What I particularly like about fasting is the thought I’m giving my pancreas a rest. It’s already put under a lot less pressure because I mainly eat a low carbohydrate diet but for those that don’t eat low carb, I would particularly encourage fasting as part of your lifestyle.

Just fasting once a week is hugely beneficial to your health and preventing the diseases listed above as well as so many more. If you want to lose weight, the popular 5:2 system could work well for you. 2 days a week of fasting and 5 days eating normally. It’s best not to do a back to back fast as it can be pretty tough. I’m going to start including one fast day a week what about you?


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