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What inspires you to run?

This question just popped up on Facebook. For me at the moment it is the fact Stu can’t run. I don’t mean this from a horrible point of view! Stu’s injury has made me appreciate how precious every run is and how lucky I am to be able to get out and enjoy that wonderful feeling of running. Hopefully I will be running for years to come but you never know. When you are heading out the door leaving someone behind who would love to come with you, you really do appreciate the fact you can get out and just run. It is an effort, some day’s far more than others, but the freedom of moment is just amazing.

I have recently taken a break from racing, just enjoying running with no pressure. I am getting back into it now. Wednesday night was the Calver Peak fell race. The whole race I was out of breath feeling sick, thinking this is horrendous and why I am I doing this!? Two days later I am still buzzing from the effort and looking towards what is next.

Whatever inspires you to get out of the door, just remember to appreciate every minute.  Stu is now fast walking, so I need to get training, with his determination he will be running and catching me up before I know it!

About AccelerateDebs

Accelerate Simply, just loves to run. Moans about roads, preferring the mud and slopes of the fells, especially the Peak District.
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