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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Urban Legend

  We’ve the Salomon City Trail in a matter of days(7th June) and it got me thinking…. What is City Trail?  Turns out it’s nothing new.  I live in Sheffield, Hillsborough to be precise and not very far from the … Continue reading

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Testing Times…

We would all love to be kit, gear and footwear testers, wouldn’t we? The opportunity to check out the latest running gadget or pair of shoes does not always coming along that often. Yet, the opportunity to do so with other … Continue reading

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An Evening With Rosie Swale-Pope

One amazing woman! Yet some would say as mad as a ‘box of frogs’, which in saying is only ever intended in the nicest possible way. Rosie Swale-Pope is a gift to the world, someone who has not only completed … Continue reading

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Joggers trots

Joggers trots is a common and unfortunate problem most runners suffer with at some point in their running career. For most its a “blip” and goes as quickly as it arrives but for others, it can be a much more … Continue reading

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Recent events.

  Ey up.  Been a while since I got around to blogging, so here’s a quick catch up of the last few weeks: I have been lazy following the winter’s ‘lull’.  Just attending the Accelerate run outs and maybe running … Continue reading

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