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“Tea, Anyone? Yes, a Cuppa…”

Cuppa AnyoneSince the day the store opened we have the kettle on the go for, well anyone whom happens to visit the store.  It has become a thing we do, in fact to us it is more than that, it’s a sociable thing to do. It is also something that has come to define us.

In addition ‘Cake Days’, are now firmly established, along with a tea or fresh made coffee. It has become the norm, if not more than that. A tradition. Customers have become running friends and now head to the store’s kitchen to make tea for all and grab a plate for those biscuits and home made cakes.  Who are we to argue.

In the Beginning
Before the Store we ran a small turnover website and we frequently visited races with our mobile store. Things soon grew and as we began to establish our expertise with running footwear, we found ourselves with customers knocking on the door.  We had folk trying out shoes on the street outside our house, standing on one leg in our living room.

So what do you do when you have a visitor to your home?  You put the kettle on…

So the ‘Cuppa Anyone?’ tradition was borne.  Like many things we do at Accelerate, it is a little different and does catch the unaware out. We have seen quite a few surprised faces in response and even the odd refusal based on what surely must be some sort of ploy. Sorry, no hidden agendas here. Just a sociable approach to a very sociable past time, both tea drinking and running.  A very British thing, indeed.

An original idea, perhaps. What we are told that, however, sets this tea-tradition apart is the homeliness of it. Well I guess that in part comes from where it all started and also our approach to a cuppa and our store. It does feel like a second home at times.Tradition and a ‘homely’ approach, in part, plus the best gatherings can still often be found in the kitchen.

We think it makes for an interesting ‘blend’ and one we shall continue wherever the ‘Accelerate’ road may lead. So on that note, a toast, with cuppa in hand, ‘Happy New Year, One and all’.

About Run Stu

Accelerate Performance and Healthy Run Coaching, Heart rate, Periodisation, Strength & Stability. Business owner @accelerateuk Coach to #TeamAccelerate The open road, fell, moorland and high places. Sunny days, days the wind blows and rain is horizontal - 'You're Alive!' Twitter and Instagram: @RunStuCoach
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