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First rule of cycling

5hrs in wind, rain, mud – and 2 punctures – a standard UK ride in March. It was pretty poor out there yesterday folks.

However, it was redeemed by the golden moment of the day – after finishing a particularly muddy trail I rejoined the road and rolled up to a T junction. A group of six road riders on a few Cervelos and Pinarellos cruised past with a look of disbelief and distain at my mud soaked complexion. Almost as priceless was the look on their faces 3mins later when I dropped them going up the next hill!

First rule of cycling:Doesn’t matter what your riding, it’s all about the engine powering it, not how flash your kit is! No point having a Ferrari chassis if your packing a Metro engine!

About Julian Lings

Powerman Duathlete, loves to train & race hard, competing on the World stage. Sheffield & Peak District are home, Team Accelerate Athlete. Accelerate
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