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What a difference an objective makes

As many of you may know, the last couple of years I have been focused on Duathlon. Over that period, without fully appreciating the importance of it, I had picked a specific set of goals and targets, with the ultimate goal of success at the 2012 World Championships in Nancy.

It was not until I had completed this journey in September 2012 and ticked off all the goals I had set did I fully appreciated how important these targets were. I’d never truly had a dip in form until November-December last year. Of course we all do dum things and race tired sometimes but this was entirely different. I was shockingly dreadful both in training and racing. I could not find that extra 3 percent of willpower/bloody mindedness that is the difference between winning and losing. Small margins but critically important. The goals, be it National championship wins or qualification for Team GB had given me that small margin of grit and determination which gives you the results, both on race day and the long hard sessions on the turbo trainer.

Since the beginning of January when I set myself the goal of Ironbike 2013, I believe my level of training performance has increased by as much 8%. That’s what the training data is telling me. I am hitting levels on the bike which seemed so far away only a few months ago. The will to endure is most certainly back with avengence.

What a difference an objective makes.

p.s. had to make another trip into London this week which meant another chance to commandeer a Boris Bike! Awesome fun. I’m thinking a boris bike prologue for the next edition of the Tour of Britain. Or even better, a Team Time Trial!

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Powerman Duathlete, loves to train & race hard, competing on the World stage. Sheffield & Peak District are home, Team Accelerate Athlete. Accelerate
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