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This little piggie.


Hello all.  Just thought I’d share something ugly with you.

I ran the Rowbotham Round Rotherham (RRR) last year, and while noticing that my toenails had gone a funny colour, thought nothing of it.  Over the ensuing months, I saw that there was little improvement, and naturally – every time I went for a run, chanced making them worse.  Slowly but surely they grew, revealing clean healthy nail gradually replacing the battered ones I’d rendered black and blue.

Me on the RRR, er....walking?

The RRR, er….walking?

Then in new year 2013, while out in the Peak District, I collected so much dirt under the entire length of the nails – I figured there must be space for that to happen.  I probably had the equivalent of a wobbly tooth on each foot, so I did what Houghboy does best, something rumoured to kill cats…

I pulled at the nail to see if it might just come clear, hoping it would leave me with a brand new, beautiful toe.  WRONG.

It came most of the way off, but then it just held there at one end.  It felt like a good strong pull might rid me of it – and my girlfriend seemed all in favour, offering enthusiastically (she even produced a clamp that she said would be ideal).



Girlfriend’s weapon of choice.



Not likely.  I moisturised, then took a long shower, hoping to soften the remaining area – optimistic that it would just slip off when gently nudged.  NOPE.

Finally, after a day in Injinji socks (socks that wrap your toes individually and reduce the chances of catching nails, or skin on skin friction), I attempted the removal.  No dice.  I grabbed the scissors and trimmed the nail down.  I now have a little knob (quiet at the back), that will slowly grow out or free itself in due course.  At least that’s the plan.  I’ll still be treating Colin Papworth of Holywell Active Health to a looksie, cause the usual Google diagnosis is “certain death!”  Serves me right for looking it up.

And as for the feedback I received on Facebook?  The consensus was “rip it off!”  with a side of – “then add lemon juice”.  Thanks, thanks a lot.

Photo of me, courtesy of Mark Havenhand (thanks).

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