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Now then Mr Mayor, about your bikes

Glorious morning of riding yesterday. Getting out on the trails just as the sun came up, five hours later I returned caked in mud but smiling from ear to ear.

I was planning to head into London in the afternoon to meet up with some friends so quickly hosed the bike down and got myselrf cleaned up – apparently the muddy mountain biker look was not going to cut it in London, who knew!

Upon arrival at London Liverpool St I found out that the tubes had been paralysed by signal failures. On the spur of the moment, I decided to get hold of a Boris bike and take to the road.

Kudos Mr Mayor, what a fantastic initiative. And a damn sight cheaper than the wretched tube. I had a fantastic ride across London and reached my destination with time to spare. However, as I was cruising along the banks of the Thames some cheeky city monkey on his Pinarello Dogma road bike tried to pass me! Like flipping a switch, I turned into competitive mode. This is the point where the limitations of the Boris became all too clear. Having only three gears meant I was forced to adopt a 120+ cadence. The riding position is also very much ‘sit up and beg’. I therefore had to improvise and adopt a somewhat unconventional aero position. On the plus side, the look on the face of Mr Pinerello as I pedalled past like some kind of man possessed was aboslutely priceless!

Boris, if your reading this, when your looking for the mark II city bike, remember, aero bars and a big chain ring please!

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Powerman Duathlete, loves to train & race hard, competing on the World stage. Sheffield & Peak District are home, Team Accelerate Athlete. Accelerate
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