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The racing bug.


Is it me, or do you always get ill right before a big race?  I’ve lost count of the times I’ve trained without incident, only to find that in the two weeks ahead of something serious, I’ve a chest infection, head cold, or whatever little injury that threatens to ruin things completely.  I’ve bailed from ultras after sensing the life leaving me with each and every step.  Why?  WHY?!

This Saturday 20th October is the Round Rotherham Ultra, and all year I’ve been counting down, running longer and longer runs, studying the route and recceing ahead of the big day.  I’m coming off the back of a PB in The HP40 and now I’m bunged up and full of cold.  ****!!

Worst case scenario

I’m still going – that’s not the issue.  The issue is surviving a day out in what will probably be wet and wild October weather, like we used to get (none of this record breaking heatwave October nonsense).  Do I take a Litre bladder of Lemsip??

One thing’s for sure, running 50 miles with a cold is going to leave me feeling like I’ve had a fight with a bear.  If you’re heading to the race this Fri/Sat, I’ll see you there and good luck.


All being well I’ll live to blog about the entire thing next week.  It’ll still be the furthest I’ve ever gone in one go, having only ever done 40 miles in the past.

This year I’ve picked up tendonitis, flu and suffered random heatwaves out of the blue.  Is there chance I might actually reach an event where everything’s going my way for once?  Would that in fact cause complacency – Icarus style?  Dunno.  Watch this space……


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