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British champs part 2

After a disappointing run at coledale (7th vet) travelling to Ireland( Slieve Bearnagh)was a good opportunity to get the series back on track or 9 hours of traveling each way for a 5 mile race was going to be seriously annoying. the field was small but some top runners including Helen Fiennes and Angela mudge had made the journey . The women’s only race worked really well for me I could see exactly where my main rivals were at all times and didn’t have to fight through a scrum of blokes who are probably going to finish in the back half of the field but insist on starting on the front( rant over!) The terrain was extremely steep and rocky, three peaks in just over 5 miles was really packing it in, but my secret weapon was the knowledge that the race had been slightly extended so the finish was at the visitors centre. An extra mile of rough but fairly flat track at the end really suited my running style. Anyway I made up another place on that final track and managed to finish in 7th place and 3rd vet. Job done and all that was left was the party. Seven hours in the pub, acquiring a liking of Guiness, dressing as a hula girl with fellow Accelerate athlete Lucy Harris, accompanied by dark peakers John Morgan ( dressed as Jackie Lee- he looked amazing, nearly as good as Jacky does in every race photo how come I am always the one with snot plastered across my face?) Gavin Williams in an afro wig and Dave Taylor in some very tight PVC trousers. That’s probably enough detail- Lucy and me managed to fight off the amorous intentions of the Cheshire Hillbillies (no easy task) and even had the Energy to run up Slieve Donard the next morning before the long journey home.

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