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Lads Leap Fell Race

This was the first time I have done a championship race and I was really scared! It got worse as I saw some of the girls lining up; Lauren Jeska, Emma Clayton, Helen Finnes etc etc.  I like to make a guess at how I will do before the race and I was revising down and down.  My race tactic was to go out as hard as could and if I blew up at least I had tried.  It was also weird to be in all ladies race. I normally use a lot of the dark peak blokes who I know well as unofficial pace makers.  Anyway, it was one of those days where it all went right, I felt strong on the first hill, and the long second ascent up the forest track really suited me. I didn’t think I descended that well  (probably need to get a few more races under my belt) but I did enough to hold off Jo Waite from Calder Valley so I came in 7th and first vet 40.  I was so delighted at the end, I told a random stranger it was the happiest day of my life and I quickly had to clarify this (obviously nothing compared to the birth of my lovely children or meeting my husband!).

Helen finishing in 2nd place at Wolf's Pit 2012

Shoes worn – Inov8 X Talons – worked really well.  I wear these quite tight for racing and they worked brilliantly – they didn’t slip once whilst other people were falling over left right and centre.  It definitely works for me having shoes in slightly different sizes for different purposes – ie I wear Inov8 Mud Claws in a UK 4 with neoprene socks for long winter days in the Lakes.  New balance 101s in a UK 4 for general training in the Peak and longer races and X Talons in a UK 3 when I really need to leg it!

Thanks Debs and Stu for your ongoing support- now I need to work on getting ready for some longer races.





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One Response to Lads Leap Fell Race

  1. Run Stu says:

    A cracking start to the Champs Helen… Plenty more races in the Series, we all wish you well!